Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Who should I contact if I have any additional questions ? or click here

  2. Who is unite home devices ?

    The intension of Unite Home Devices is to provide access to different home devices via the web.
    Unite Home Devices is very selective on products that it integrates into it's system monitor.
    If you will like your product to be evaluated, please contact the admin team .
    As much as Unite Home Devices works very hard to provide it's users a very robust system,
    Please do not depend on any of our monitoring systems as an assurance for activating or deactivating devices on life threating and injury prone scenarios.
    Constructive feedbacks are always welcome

  3. Which phase of the currentcost display do you support ?

    All versions: 1,2,3 phases. Euro, UK e.t.c

  4. How can I get my own account?

    All accounts require the low energy UHD center. If you do not already have one, please purchase it from here

    The account is free. Once you have the UHD center, please do the following :

    1. Complete the sign up form
    2. Connect your tellstick and/or currentcost display to the UHD center.
    3. Connect the UHD center to your router using a network cable .
    4. Connect the UHD power cable to the UHD center and the power plug to an electric outlet.
    4. For currentcost display, that is it.
    5. For tellstick, please sync the tellstick dongle to your swithes.

    Please email for an additional queries.

  5. What devices does UHD currently support

    Tellstick and currentcost display. More devices will soon be added to the list

  6. Do I have to keep my currentcost display time up to date ?

    No. UHD relies on you local timezone

  7. Which lanuages do you support ?

    English and French. Additional lanuages will be supported as requested

  8. Which Tellstcicks do your support ?

    Tellstick classic and Tellstick duo

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